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StreetNet has a resource centre with research material available on informal traders and related work. Please call the head office in advance to make a booking.

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30 January 2015 Global Labour Programme: WIEGO Research - Collective Bargaining in the Informal Economy [pdf]
25 February 2013 Towards a model framework for a local level collective bargaining system for street traders [pdf]
12 October 2012 Case studies of collective bargaining and representative forums for street traders
18 June 2012 NASVI Report - Survey of Street vendors done in the 10 Cities of India [pdf]
08 September 2011 Trade unions in the informal sector [pdf]
20 July 2010 Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing [pdf]
10 May 2010 Home-based Garment Workers: The Impact of the Self Employed Women`s Association [pdf]
10 February 2010 From waste pickers to university graduates in one generation the story of the More family [pdf]
22 April 2007 Extending urban citizenship to informal street traders [pdf]
08 October 2006 Namibia’s informal economy: possibilities for Trade Union Intervention, [pdf]
08 September 2006 Hawkers and the urban informal sector: a study of street vending in seven cities [pdf]
02 August 2006 Problems and Possible Solutions for Stall Sellers and Street Vendors – The Case of Stall Sellers and Street Vendors in front of Chulalongkorn Hospital [pdf]
26 June 2006 Impact of Labour Market Policy on the informal economy, Analysis and Recommendations, NEDLAC Community Constituency Position Paper [pdf]
30 September 2005 Organizing Informal Women Workers [pdf]
20 August 2005 An accessment report of the Indonesian situation of private-public partnerships and the informal economy [pdf]
04 June 2005 Street Vendors in Asia: A review [pdf]
01 June 2005 Associations of market traders – their roles and potential for further development [pdf]
27 November 2004 Organizing in the Global Informal Economy [pdf]
18 September 2004 Rethinking the informal economy: Linkages with the formal economy and the formal regulatory environment, [pdf]
20 August 2004 Organising in the informal economy: the experience of the Self-Employed Women’s Union, 1994-2004 [pdf]
10 September 2003 Voice Regulation on the Informal Economy and New Forms of Work [pdf]
01 June 2003 Street Traders and their organisations in South Africa [pdf]
30 January 2003 Organising in the taxi industry: The South African experience [pdf]
30 January 2003 Organizing in the Informal Economy: A Case Study of the Clothing Industry in South Africa [pdf]
18 October 2002 Women and Men in the Informal Economy: A statistical picture [pdf]
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NewsBox, 2 - 15 March 2015


ZIMBABWE. First Lady`s Empathy On Vendors Misunderstood. All Africa (13 March 2015). She reminded the police officers that some of them had qualified to join the force because their mothers had sent them to school from the proceeds of street vending.

UK. Street traders` petition passes 5,000 mark. Essex County Standard (13 March 2015) by Andrea Collitt. The petition, seeking the right for the street traders to stay where they are, had 5,000 signatures by Wednesday.

SINGAPORE. Year-long SG50 festivities to highlight hawker food, local music. Channel News Asia (12 March 2015). The Minister for Culture, Community and Youth said it is important to celebrate Singapore`s heritage and culture, adding that the idea of a "distinctive Singaporean culture" is still relatively new and evolving.

MEXICO. Tacos are on credit as street vendors in Mexico use apps. The Globe and Mail (12 March 2015) by Patricia Laya. In Mexico city, known for its sprawling street markets, consumers are shunning cash and opting for credit cards they swipe on merchants` smartphones to pay for everything from shoes to tacos.

INDIA. Vendor goods being seized under anti-sabotage measures: HC told. Zee News (8 March 2015). An association for street vendors has alleged before Delhi High Court that goods of roadside sellers were being seized by police as part of its "anti- sabotage measures", which the organisation has dubbed as a "fresh modus operandi" to harass squatters.

INDIA. Asi Permission Awaited For Building Shops. NewsHub (7 March 2015). The Vellore Corporation is waiting for permission from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to go ahead with the construction of shops for street vendors on the old fish market premises on Anna Salai.

AFRICA. Why Africa`s Booming Cities Need More Autonomy in Urban Planning. City Lab (3 March 2015) Sam Sturgis.  According to the article, the bond was going to fund a new market hall, where street vendors could sell their goods in a more formal exchange.

StreetNet International

StreetNet International is an alliance of street vendors. It was launched in Durban, South Africa, in November 2002.

Membership-based organizations (unions, co-operatives or associations) directly organizing street vendors, market vendors and/or hawkers among their members, are entitled to affiliate to StreetNet International.

The aim of StreetNet is to promote the exchange of information and ideas on critical issues facing street vendors, market vendors and hawkers (i.e. mobile vendors) and on practical organizing and advocacy strategies